The Florida Democratic Party is in communication with its counterparts in the Georgia Democratic Party about ways we can help turn out the vote and get to a 51 seat Senate majority. As of now, we have two really important ways you can help Reverend Warnock:

The first is traveling to join the team in person in Georgia, knock on doors, and talk to voters about heading back to the polls to bring this home for the Democrats, Warnock, and a Blue Senate!!! Find more information here Canvass in Georgia 

The second option is phone banking to engage voters in Georgia. The phone bank has shifts every day between now and the December 6th election. Find additional information here Make calls for Sen. Warnock 

If you would like to donate to Reverend Warnock's campaign or are interested in additional information about this candidate, visit his campaign site:

As we get solid requests from Georgia on where they'd like us to mobilize for in-person work during GOTV weekend and/or run-off Election Day, we will let you know.