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Results from the delegate election for CD 21 have been announced by the FDP.

Congratulations to Lori Fritsch, the only delegate chosen from Martin County.  Kudos also goes to Felicia Bruce and Jane McLaughlin and Ellis Bromberg and Bruce Benson --all from St. Lucie County.  For a complete listing of 2024 District Level Delegates statewide, go

Pledged Party Leader and Election Official (PLEO) delegates and At-Large Delegates are still to be chosen.  For more information about these positions, go
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Trump Roe v. Wade #1 Graphic.png
  • The decision from the Florida Supreme Court on Monday, April 1st,  triggers a near-total ban which will impact the entire southeastern United States — and it’s all because of Donald Trump. 

    • Women from Texas to Georgia will soon no longer have the option to travel to Florida to access the reproductive health care they need. 

  • This decision puts women’s lives at risk, threatens doctors with prosecution and jail time, and means that many women will have no way to get the care they need without traveling hundreds or thousands of miles. 

  • It is only possible because Donald Trump overturned Roe v. Wade and unleashed this chaos and cruelty across the country — a fact that he proudly brags about. 

  • Trump and his allies are ripping away access to reproductive health care across the country, inserting themselves into the most personal decisions women can make, even including contraception and IVF. 

  • And if Trump returns to the White House, things will only get worse:

  • With reproductive freedom on the ballot in November, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the only candidates who stand up for women’s rights to make their own health care decisions.

Do you know what the Biden administation has accomplished?

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Do you know how these acts and plans benefit the average citizen?  We need to get out the message about what Biden has done!

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Hasta las próximas elecciones de mitad de período

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