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    Chair Nikki Fried Vote by Mail Clubs & Caucuses RALLY AT THE ROOSEVELT BRIDGE ​ JUNE 24TH - 5PM ​ 2ND YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF THE SUPREME COURT OVERTURNING ROE ​ For directions and more information, sign up for the event here or just show up in solidarity. Please wear RED or GREEN Sponsored by Blue Dots of Martin County Our friend and luminary, Martin County Democrat Grace Linn, was the Grand Marshal at Treasure Coast Pridefest's Parade on Saturday, June 8th and she rode beside fan favorite Shelita Taylor. Our DEC Vice Chair, Dayna Straehley, carefully drove the duo as the lead car in the Pride parade. Thanks to all who came out and participated in this event! We had lots of visitors at our tent who received valuable information and signed up for the TC Young Democrats and the TC LGBTQ+ Democratic Caucus. Two of the Dems' candidates spoke on stage to the crowd - Thomas Witkop, who is running against Brian Mast for CD 21 House of Representatives and Aaron Hawkins, who is running against Gayle Harrell for District 31 State Senator. Let's get out and support these and other Democratic candidates! It's Pride Month 2024! Unlike Ron DeSantis, Martin Democrats support the LGBTQ+ community every day and look forward to a better tomorrow for all. We have your back, but we need to elect Democrats up and down the ballot to protect and advance your rights. Come work with us in the coming months as we phone bank and canvass to elect the one party that supports you: the Democratic Party. Read Florida Democratic Party Chair Nikki Fried's statement on Pride Month here . The decision from the Florida Supreme Court on Monday, April 1st, triggers a near-total ban which will impact the entire southeastern United States — and it’s all because of Donald Trump. Women from Texas to Georgia will soon no longer have the option to travel to Florida to access the reproductive health care they need. This decision puts women’s lives at risk, threatens doctors with prosecution and jail time, and means that many women will have no way to get the care they need without traveling hundreds or thousands of miles. It is only possible because Donald Trump overturned Roe v. Wade and unleashed this chaos and cruelty across the country — a fact that he proudly brags about. Trump and his allies are ripping away access to reproductive health care across the country, inserting themselves into the most personal decisions women can make, even including contraception and IVF. And if Trump returns to the White House, things will only get worse: With reproductive freedom on the ballot in November, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the only candidates who stand up for women’s rights to make their own health care decisions. Do you know what the Biden administation has accomplished? Do you know how these acts and plans benefit the average citizen? We need to get out the message about what Biden has done! Hasta las próximas elecciones de mitad de período Quieres... Suscríbete a nuestro boletín de noticias? ¿Unirse a un caucus o club? ¿Ayuda para que los demócratas sean elegidos? ¿Hacer amigos y conocer a sus compañeros demócratas Martin? Complete el siguiente formulario y nos comunicaremos con usted. ¡¡Damos la bienvenida a todos los demócratas de Martin a unirse a nosotros !! ¡Gracias! Mensaje enviado. Enviar Customer Contact Form

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    Click here for a list of offices that will be voted on in 2024. Click here for a list of candidates on the ballot in the August 20 Primary Election Dates and Candidates

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    Dave Dew Dave dew It was an ordinary day in Stuart when 65 year-old Dave Dew had an epiphany that changed his life. He credits President George W. Bush, Vice-President Dick Cheney, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, and a guy named Larry for helping bring about this transformative moment. You see, for the first 65 years of his life Dave identified as a Republican. Like so many others, he had followed the political leanings of his parents and, when it was time to vote for the first time, he registered as a Republican. While his father Charles was apolitical and focused on his sales career, his mother Clarice was a sharp businesswoman who owned two hair salons and was an enthusiastic “Eisenhower Republican” – a centrist Republican who was individually liberal but economically conservative and a believer in a strong national defense. With his focus through the years on his own career and family, Dave had not seen any reason up until this point in 2003 to question his political leanings. ​ The Dark Democratic Past If you’re around Dave for any time, you find that he likes to put things in historical context and he is quick to point out that the Democratic Party of today is not the same as the Democratic Party back in the 60s when he arrived in Florida from Wisconsin to attend the University of Tampa. Back then, white Dixiecrats (a play on the words Dixie and Democrat) controlled the Democratic Party in much of the South, including his area in Tampa, and they were known for their racist and segregationist views. These Dixiecrats were right-wing Democrats who were alarmed by the pro-civil rights positions taken by the national Democratic Party under Presidents Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Harry Truman, and by the mid-1940s these zealots resisted by forming a pro-segregationist sect within the Democratic Party itself, calling for “states’ rights” to circumvent federal legislation. (Sound familiar?) Dave recalls that by the 1950s in the South “the Democrats were the Dixiecrats, and they were the racists. They were the segregationists.” For someone like Dave who came to Florida in 1956 at age 18 without those racist views, joining the Democratic Party was not something he considered. Dave reflects sadly that racism was so prevalent back then in the Florida he knew that “I got beat up a couple of times because I wouldn’t join the Klan.” Passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 pushed the Dixiecrats over the edge and most joined the Republican Party, who gladly took them in. Some, however, remained Democrats. Idea House Advertising and Republican Wins After getting married and leaving the University of Tampa, Dave continued life as a registered Republican during his many years in sales, mostly working for the large healthcare company American Home Products. His career took him from Minnesota to Chicago to New York City where he worked as advertising manager. After three years in the Big Apple, Dave yearned for a simpler life and so he and his family moved to St. Petersburg where he continued in sales work. By late 1979 he was looking for a change. He had gotten divorced and wanted to start over somewhere new. It was then that he became reacquainted with Jimmy Adams, a fellow advertising executive he had known in New York who had relocated to West Palm Beach. Together Dave and Jimmy started an advertising agency in North Palm Beach called Idea House, and they ran it successfully from 1980-1990. Their specialty, it turned out, was advertising for local Republican candidates running for office. During their time there, Dave and Jimmy helped Republicans win many contests – all of them in heavily Democratic Palm Beach County. It was quite a feat. This experience provided Dave with a great education in Republican politics. By working with the candidates and their handlers, he learned a great deal about how Republicans ran their campaigns, the money they spent, the support they provided. He was impressed with the money and organization of the Republican Party. Another Move…and Intensive Care During his time with the ad agency, Dave started dating again and he eventually married for a second time in 1984. In 1990 he and his wife moved to the Fort Myers area so she could pursue a job promotion. Life might have kept them there on the west coast but fate had another idea: On September 10, 1996 while driving to meet his wife, Dave was involved in a serious head-on collision. Says Dave: “I call it a collision because it wasn’t an accident. It was a collision. It was on purpose.” Through court proceedings that followed, Dave learned a 16-year-old boy sitting in the passenger seat of an oncoming car had grabbed the wheel of the car exclaiming, "I wonder what it will be like to take this car and kill someone with it?" He then drove across the median. The car flew three feet into the air and straight into Dave's car. At the time, both cars were going about 60 mph and they were totaled upon impact. Dave recalls that “when we hit, the front tire came up through the floorboard, and kind of ran up me, and threw me forcefully into the back seat.” Dave was air-lifted to a hospital in critical condition with extensive internal injuries and injuries to his legs. Dave ended up in the hospital for 6 months and followed that up with 6 months of intense physical therapy. "Are You Your Brother’s Keeper?" It was after this rehabilitation period that Dave and his wife moved from Fort Myers to Stuart in 1998 looking for a fresh start. They opened up a couple of retail stores in the area and bought some radio advertising from a local station. Dave and the sales guy Larry became friends. (To this day, Dave cannot remember Larry’s last name!) Larry was a Democrat and had previously worked in journalism covering politics, and so he engaged Dave in a lot of political conversation – one of the first times in his life that Dave was forced to examine his political views. The conversations with Larry helped Dave realize that he actually aligned more closely with the principles of the Democratic Party (the non-Dixiecrat side, that is) than the Republicans. Dave recalls one conversation in particular with Larry in 2003 that was a turning point for him: Larry: “You’re a Republican but you think like a Democrat.” Dave: “I don’t know about that. I’m a conservative.’ Larry: ‘Yeah, but that’s just with money. How about with people?’ Dave: “What do you mean?” Larry: “Are you your brother’s keeper?” Dave: “Well, of course!’ Larry: “Then you’re not a Republican. You’re a Democrat. Ask any Republican that question and he’s gonna say I’ll consider any problems, but I’m not going to give any money to [fix] them. So you’re your brother’s keeper and you ought to switch to Democrat.’” That conversation resonated with Dave. Through his further talks with Larry and listening to the national news, Dave says he also learned about “the disastrous trio of Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld – the guys that conned everybody to go into Iraq in 2003….These were all oil people that were running the government and the idea was to corner the market.” Upon reflection, Dave agreed he should meet some other Democrats in the area. “I went to a [Democratic Club] meeting at the time. Louise Cunha was running the club meeting….I walked in and sat down and she said, ‘So you’re new. Would you introduce yourself?’ And I said, ‘I’m Dave Dew and I’m an embarrassed Republican.’ And she said, ‘We can change that!’ And I said, ‘Well, let’s do that.’ And so I became a Democrat and started to come to the DEC meetings because I said I want to be where the action is.” The Many Hats of Dave Dew Precinct Leader followed by DEC Chair ​ Dave learned that to get active with the DEC the rules required precinct work, and so he became a precinct leader. Six months later he became Chair and in 2008 was re-elected for another four-year term. Dave ran the first time for DEC chair saying that the Democrats needed a fulltime office. In the years before, Democrats only leased office space for a six-month period for the elections every two years. Dave believed strongly that such an intermittent presence was wrong – that Democrats needed a permanent home so they had a constant presence in the community. Dave views this change as his greatest achievement as DEC chair. Since then it’s been proven time and again that having an office open year-round has been instrumental in raising funds, getting out the vote, and organizing and providing support to all Martin Democrats. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ State Committeeman When Dave finished out his second term as DEC Chair in 2012, he then became the DEC's State Committeeman and he continues to hold that position today (along with Mary Higgins, who is the State Committeewoman). The function of the committeeperson is to act as a liaison between the Florida Democratic Party and the county DEC and its various committees by voting on party issues, being on committees, and so forth. One of the issues that Dave has championed as Committeeman is changing the bylaws that dictate how the Democratic Party in Florida operates. “My cause for the last 8 years has been to eliminate all of the bylaws and start all over again.” One of Dave’s main concerns is the unequal representation caused by the weighted voting system that the Florida Democratic Party employs. In today’s system, each DEC is allowed one State Committeeman and one State Committeewoman to represent their DEC, with their votes weighted based on the number of Democrats within that DEC. Dave notes that this weighted vote is necessary to give the larger populated counties fairer representation. However, this system causes a big problem in that the committee people from the large counties represent too many people to be effective. Here is how Dave explains it using Dade and Martin Counties as an example: “ Dade County is more than 10 times larger than Martin County [in Democratic population] so it obviously should have a greater total vote. The problem is that Dade and Martin have only 2 State Committeepersons each. So each of Martin County’s State Committeepersons represents about 30,000 Democrats while each of Dade’s Committeepersons represents 300,000 . That’s more than two Congressional districts each. One Committeeperson cannot effectively reach out to 300,000 Democrats.” Another negative aspect to the weighted system is that it puts power into the hands of the larger counties because they can join forces to dictate the direction of the entire party, sometimes going against what the majority of the counties want to do. ​ Rules Committee As Committeeman, Dave served on the Rules Committee from approximately 2010-2020. He proposed eliminating the weighted voting system and replacing it with more of a “one person, one vote” system like our US Constitution requires. This could be achieved by having each of the 140 House Districts in Florida – which have approximately the same population of voters -- elect two State Committeepeople each. Dave notes that this would lead to fair representation because “each committee person would have roughly the same population representation in their vote” and thus the weighted system would not be needed. This revised plan has been voted upon by the State Committee and passed but was reversed by the Judicial Council due to a technicality. Dave is still pushing for this change, however, because he knows this would be a more equitable system and ultimately would help the Florida Democratic Party as a whole move forward and compete against the GOP. ​ Chair, Florida Small County Coalition While acting as Committeeman, Dave had the opportunity to also become involved with the Florida Democratic Party’s Small County Coalition. This is an organization of smaller Democratic counties (fewer than 40,000 Democratic voters) and it focuses on the challenges the smaller counties face—from lack of money, to lack of facilities, to fewer boots on the ground, to lack of influence within the FDP itself. Dave served as Chair for 10 years, and under his leadership, he is proud to note that the Small County Coalition drastically improved their political training given to volunteers, increased funding, held annual conventions so the small counties could network and learn from each other, and developed a stronger relationship with the state party. ​ ​ State Judicial Council From about 2012-2020 Dave also served on the State Judicial Council and was Chair for a short time. The Judicial Council gave Dave an opportunity to hear grievances of Democrats throughout the state over such matters as eligibility of candidates, voting issues, changes in voter registration, and many other matters. Says Dave: “Florida has a history of the counties fighting each other,” and so there were plenty of opportunities for the Judicial Council to act. In 2006 Dave receives "Most Improved Small County" award from from FDP Chair Karen Thurman. (click to enlarge) Stuart News ran an article on Dec 3, 2008 about Dave being re-elected to DEC. (click to enlarge) Dave and his partner Shelley learn they WON !! All-Star Dave Fun fact: When Dave moved to Stuart, not only did he later become a Democrat, but he also rediscovered the joy of singing. He had sung some as a youngster and, in fact, had been part of a band. Family and jobs changed that and he put his passion for singing on the backburner. After he got to Stuart, he began to sing at a church in Jensen Beach and soon became its music director. Then, in 2014, he entered the Singing with the Stars competition at the Lyric Theater and was paired with professional singer Shelley Keelor. Since Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga had just released a popular album of standards, they decided to play on that and chose “Lady is a Tramp” and…..THEY WON!! ​ Today, Dave continues to sing at his church, and he often visits clubs and bars that offer karaoke – sometimes as much as three times a week. So if you’re at a club where they do karaoke, don’t be too surprised if our own Dave Dew gets up on stage to belt out a couple of songs! Dave Dew ​ As you can see, Dave’s “atonement” during the past twenty years has led him to wear many Democratic hats – both locally and statewide. Throughout it all, he has sought to bring about change so that Democrats become smarter in the way they do business, from having a local office opened to Democrats throughout the year to modernizing the bylaws that dictate how the Democrats run their operation. We Democrats in Martin County owe a debt of gratitude to Dave for his years of work aimed at strengthening the Democratic Party within Martin County and throughout the state of Florida. ​ Thank you, Dave, for switching to Democrat and becoming a Martin County Democrat All Star!

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    SEGUIMIENTO de cómo votaron los legisladores. Haga que sus legisladores rindan cuentas por su voto. Para el Congreso de EE. UU., Vaya a También puede ir a y: . Vaya a . Aquí puede ver cómo votaron sus funcionarios federales. Regístrese para recibir correos electrónicos automáticos cada vez que su senador o miembro de la Cámara vote. Para legisladores federales y estatales, visite . Cree una cuenta y luego vea cómo votaron los legisladores. También para Florida, puede ir a y configurar una cuenta para acceder a la información de seguimiento. Para los comisionados del condado de Martin, vaya al sitio de BOCC y busque en Minutes para averiguar cómo votaron los comisionados. Para los comisionados de la Ciudad, visite el sitio web de la Ciudad de Stuart y busque en Minutes para ver cómo votaron los comisionados. Track How Your Legislators Vote

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    Stand%20Up%20Speak%20Out_edited public ed The Environment Stand%20Up%20Speak%20Out_edited 1/22 ¡Ponerse de pie! ¡Hablar claro! ¡Ser escuchado! ¿Quiere defender sus creencias? ¿Influir en sus legisladores? ¿Influir en la opinión pública? ¿Ayudar a que los demócratas sean elegidos para el cargo? Haga clic en los temas a continuación para obtener información valiosa para que esté mejor informado y pueda marcar la diferencia de manera más efectiva a través de su defensa política.

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    Pinot, Política y Pinturas ¡Compra una entrada o un patrocinio!

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    Docktails 2023 Join us Saturday, November 4 6:30 - 8:30 pm ​ Dolphin Bar & Shrimp House 1401 NE India n River Dr Jensen Beach S upport your Martin County Democratic Party by purchasing a ticket or sponsorship to Doc ktails. I t is VITALLY IMPORTANT that we have a good showing next year in the election - from school board mem bers to Biden. Our democracy depends on it. ​ Help us reach our goals. Help us Get Out the Vote ! The night's festivities for this FUNdraiser include: a delicious buffet with appetizers, salad, bread, entree with side, dessert...beverage and tip included cash bar guest speaker Da ve Aronberg , State Attorney from Palm Beach County and frequent guest on MSNBC and CNN an appearance from Grace Linn , local centenarian activist local candidate speeches a silent auction featuring donated items from local b usinesses and artists a chance to be with your fellow Democrats to rekindle friendships and make new ones BUY A TICKET OR SPONSORSHIP

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    Dems Do Lunch When: October 24t h at 11:30 am. Where: Carmela's Brick Oven Pizza located at 2311 SE Ocean Blvd, Stuart Why: Enjoy a great lunch with your fellow Martin Democrats and support the DEC at the same time. It's a win-win! Dine with a purpose: $25 per person includes $10 donation directly to the Martin County DEC. Choose between a slice of pizza, salad and beverage or two pizza slices, garlic knot, and beverage. Tax and tip are included. Reserve your place: Make your online purchase here or mail check to Martin County DEC, PO Box 1497, Stuart, FL 34995. If mailing a check, kindly send our treasurer Barbara Buckles an email so she knows to include you on our list of attendees. Email here. We look forward to another round of pizza and politics with Martin Democrats!

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    Martin County Democratic Club Membership Application Today's Date First Name Last Name Email Phone Martin County Street Address City State Zip code Check circle if you live in a gated community By submitting this application, you certify that you are a member of the Democratic Party of Florida. Submit Application Is it OK to share your contact details with other Club members? Yes No ​ Method you will use to pay Club dues

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    CAUCUS AMBIENTAL DEMOCRÁTICO DEL CONDADO DE MARTIN Haga clic en los accesos directos a continuación o desplácese por esta página para ver estos temas: ​ Descripción general de Caucus Declaraciones de misión Principales problemas en los que nos centramos Otros grupos ambientales Calendario Minutos Estatutos Donaciones El Caucus Ambiental Democrático del Condado de Martin es un capítulo local del Caucus Ambiental Democrático de Florida (DECF). El caucus se reúne a las 6:30 pm el tercer martes de cada mes, actualmente a través de Zoom. Las reuniones consisten en una discusión general sobre temas ambientales en las noticias y cómo podríamos responder. Más específicamente, entre otras preocupaciones, abordamos los asuntos de la ciudad de Stuart, la actividad de la Junta de Comisionados del Condado de Martin y el trabajo de la legislatura estatal y más allá. ​ La mayoría de las reuniones incluyen un orador invitado para informarnos sobre un tema ambiental en particular o para escuchar directamente a un funcionario o candidato demócrata local que se postula para un cargo. Damos la bienvenida a todos los demócratas a ser parte de nuestro caucus mientras aprendemos, hablamos y trabajamos para defender nuestro medio ambiente. Para participar en nuestro grupo, complete el formulario de contacto indicando su interés en MC Dem Env Caucus y alguien se comunicará con usted. Volver arriba Overview Declaraciones de misión MC Caucus Ambiental Democrático El Caucus Ambiental Democrático del Condado de Martin tiene la intención de: Identificar y priorizar las preocupaciones ambientales que afectan a nuestros municipios locales, condado, estado, país y mundo. Contemplar soluciones a esas preocupaciones y recomendar cursos de acción. Educar, colaborar y respaldar a los candidatos demócratas que adoptan nuestra agenda. Educar al público y generar apoyo para nuestros objetivos Coordinar con otros grupos ambientales dentro de nuestros distritos legislativos: Distrito del Senado 25 y distritos 82 y 83 de la Cámara ​ Como capítulo del Comité Ambiental Democrático de Florida (DECF), en MC Dem Env Caucus también apoyamos los objetivos de DECF. ​ ​ Caucus Ambiental Democrático de Florida El Caucus Ambiental Democrático de Florida (DECF) se esfuerza por apoyar a los legisladores, candidatos, legislación y empresas de Florida que preservan, protegen y mejoran los recursos naturales de Florida. Las preocupaciones del DECF pueden incluir, entre otras, la calidad del aire, las costas y las costas de Florida, los acuíferos, las vías fluviales, los humedales, la vida silvestre, las áreas naturales restantes y las tierras y parques silvestres de propiedad pública. ​ DECF tiene la intención de: Ayude a elegir candidatos demócratas que respalden acciones adecuadas en cuestiones ambientales críticas. Proporcionar a los miembros del partido y al público en general datos creíbles relacionados con cuestiones ambientalmente sensibles, como opiniones informadas, alertas legislativas y conocimientos técnicos y científicos. Supervisar la legislación y las políticas locales y estatales que afectan el medio ambiente de Florida y alertar a los legisladores y al público. Fomentar la administración ambiental responsable como parte de la política del Partido Demócrata de Florida. Volver arriba Mission Statements Principales problemas medioambientales Con la creciente población de Florida y con nuestros gobiernos locales y estatales que a veces eligen el crecimiento y el desarrollo y los intereses corporativos sobre la protección de nuestro medio ambiente, los problemas que enfrentamos son infinitos. Aquí hay una muestra de las preocupaciones que abordamos en nuestro caucus: Descargas del lago Okeechobee Restauración de los Everglades, incluidas las áreas de tratamiento de aguas pluviales (STA), el depósito EAA, la finalización del CERP Contaminantes que ingresan a nuestras vías fluviales: fertilizantes, pesticidas, herbicidas con glifosato, desechos agrícolas, biosólidos, contaminación de fuentes difusas Amenazas ambientales debido al desarrollo de la ciudad y el condado, así como a la legislación local y estatal. Degradación del hábitat de la vida silvestre, incluida la disminución de pastos marinos para los manatíes y la acumulación de lodo en nuestras vías fluviales, lo que reduce la producción de criaderos de ostras y la calidad del agua. Cambio climático y aumento del nivel del mar Pozos de perforación petrolera, fracking y de inyección de aguas profundas Transporte de materiales peligrosos (oleoductos, transporte ferroviario de alta velocidad de GNL y otros materiales peligrosos) Volver arriba Top Environmental Issues CALL TO ACTION ! ​ Click on each of the four sections below or scroll down to view the entire page. ​ Prewritten Letters Petitions Original Letter-Writing Ideas Learning Opportunities/Miscellaneous Items ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT (added 2-2-2023) There is a constitutional amendment effort underway with the title Right to Clean and Healthy Waters . Go here to read about the amendment and information on how to sign the petition. The organization behind this effort is trying to get 900,000 signatures by the end of November 2023. This would allow this initiative to be counted before February 2024 and, therefore, to qualify for being placed on the ballot in 2024. ​ ​ PREWRITTEN LETTERS Prewritten letters are quick and easy ways to make your voice heard--just sign and submit. Please note that in some cases you will be put on the sponsoring environmental group's email subscription list when you submit your letter/petition, so be sure to uncheck the subscription box (if it's there) before you submit it if you don't want to be on their distribution list. If you forget to do that, you can always unsubscribe later. ​ Added 8--10-2022) Sierra Club has a prewritten letter advocating passage of the Recovering America's Wildlife Act. . Go here to submit the letter. ​ (Added 8-7-2022) Sierra Club has a prewritten letter advocating passage of the Environmental Justice for All Act . Go here to submit the letter. ​ (Added 12-21-2021) EarthJustice , a nonprofit environmental law organization, previously submitted a legal petition to the EPA to stop the use of organophosphates in agriculture. To support this effort, they now have a prewritten letter you can submit asking the EPA to ban organophosphates. Click here to go to the website to submit the letter. If you'd like to read the original legal petition, go here . Also, FYI, they have their own Action Alerts section on their website. Many of those we already have covered here on our page, but there are some items we haven't. If you'd like, go here to see their Action Alerts. ​ (Added 10-8-2021) Friends of the Everglades has a letter for Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried which discusses harmful effects of sugarcane burning and asks her to ban the burning. Go here to read the letter. ​ (Added 9-29-2021) Friends of the Earth has a letter going to EPA about banning neonicotinoids, which are pesticides that harm humans and invertebrate pollinator species, including bees and butterflies. (If you don't want to remain on their email list, unsubscribe after submitting letter.) ​ Contact the Dept of the Interior about Florida manatees dying at record levels and ask that manatees be put back on the Endangered Species list. The current secretary is Deb Haaland. Go here for contact info and to complete online letter. You may also want to contact other officials about this and can get a list of federal, state, and local officials and their addresses here . ​ PETITIONS ​ Florida Conservation Voters has a petition demanding Gov DeSantis and the legislature follow recommendations of the Blue-Green Task Force: ​ President Biden: Be a #PlasticFreePresident...A diverse coaltion of 550+ organizations has created a petition asking President Biden to use his executive powers to fight the plastic pollution crisis. To sign the petition, go here: To read in depth about the executive actions asked for in the petition, go here: ​ Sign the "Stop Overdevelopment in Martin County" petition! ​ Go to FloridaRightto CleanWater to sign a petition for putting Right to Clean and Healthy Waters amendment on the 2024 ballot. ​ ​ WRITE YOUR OWN LETTER ​ Educate and influence the public. Choose a topic and write a Letter to the Editor to the Stuart News and/or Palm Beach Post. See this for links to each newspaper's online LTE form. ​ . LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES/MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS ​ A summary of the ongoing pollution of Florida's waterways was presented by Earthjustice back on July 2021. The focus is on the toxic algae crisis and its harm to wildlife. Go here to read this analysis. ​ A recent Protecting Paradise segment on WPTV focused on the need to complete the building of STAs so that toxic water can be cleaned and then sent south to the Everglades. ​ Read The Everglades Review , put together by Everglades Trust, for detailed articles on such subjects as objections to LOSOM Plan CC by Big Sugar, the economic value of strong ecosystems, and helping the manatees survive. Friends of the Everglades periodically hosts webinars on various environment-related topics. View their archives of these Clean Water Conversations here . Topics include red tide, LOSOM, toxic algae, the legislative session for 2021, the Roads to Ruin, drilling in the Everglade Back to Top Back to Top Back to Top Back to Top Call to Action Prewritten Letters Petitions Learning Opportunities Write Your Own Letter Martin County Democratic Environmental Caucus Calendar of Events Volver arriba Calendar Environmental Resources There are many groups locally, statewide, and nationally that focus on environmental issues. To view a list of some of the groups we learn from and work in concert with while advocating for the environment, go here . Resources - other Env Groups Minutes, Bylaws, and Donations Estatutos Estatutos actuales de MC Dem Env Caucus ... próximamente Estatutos anteriores de MC Dem Env Caucus Donaciones Para apoyar al Caucus Ambiental Democrático del Condado de Martin, haga clic en este botón. Te llevará a nuestra cuenta ActBlue donde podrás realizar tu donación. ¡Gracias! Si prefiere enviar un cheque por correo, hágalo a nombre de MC Dem Env Caucus y envíelo a: MC Dem Env Caucus 948 SE Central Parkway Stuart, FL 34994 ¡Done ahora! Min ut es 2021 Minutes November 16, 2021 October 19, 2021 September 2021 - No meeting held August 2021 - No meeting held July 2021 June 2021 May 2021 April 2021 March 2021 Special Election Meeting February 2021 - No meeting held January 2021 - No meeting held 2020 Minutes December 2020 - No meeting held November 2020 October 2020 September 2020 August 2020 - No meeting held July 2020 Minutes, Bylaws, and Donations

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    Genera l Bills CRIMINAL JU STICE SB130 ( Lori Berman ) /HB 97 ( Cassell ) Greyson's Law This bill is called "Greyson's Law." It requires the court to con sider domestic violence factors when considering parental custody. ​ HB991 ( Alex A ndrade & Mike Beltran ) Defamation, False Light, and Unauthorized Publication of Name or Likenesses This bill would allow pub lic figures (such as politicians) to bring suit against journalis ts for defamation, even if no malice was intended. Critics call it the "Death to Public Discourse Bill." Many fear this bill would limit free speec h and the right to criticize government officials without fear of financial retribution. Anonymous sources and investigative journalists would be especially impacted. Also includes provision that if public figure sues journalist or media and wins, then the journalist also has to pay public figure's legal fees. EDUCATION HB1 ( Kaylee Tuck & Susan Plasencia ) School Choice Allows for children to go to public schools, charter schools, private schools, home school regardless of physical or monetary needs...(even rich kids get the voucher) ... .Greatly expands vouch er program, essentially making the voucher program universal. State funds for the vouchers would allow parents to pay for private school tuition, tutoring, virtual school, homeshool fees and m ore. Money that would have gone to public schools will now go to the voucher program. Many view this bill as detrimental to public education. See House Speaker Renner's spin in interview about this bill here . See Women's Club info for more facts about this bill and its e ffect on public education here . ​ HB411 ( Kevin Steele ) District School Board Elections Says elected candidate for district school board must reside in district school board member residence area by date she or he assumes office instead of upon qualifying for office. ​ HB479 ( Gallop Franklin ) Required Instruction in history of Holocaust and History of African Americans Revises provisions relating to required instruction in history of African Americans; requires department to annually verify that school districts, charter schools, & specified private schools implement certain instruction relating to history of Holocaust & history of African Americans; requires district school superintendents, charter school principals, & private school directors or similar administrators to annually provide specified evidence to department by certain date; provides penalties; & requires certain statewide, standardized assessments to include curricula content from history of Holocaust & history of African Americans. ​ HB999 ( A lex A ndrade ) Public Postsecondary Educational Institutions If passed, this bill would put hiring decisions and curriculum control at Florida public universities in the hands of politicians and their crony appointees. IT WOULD END ACADEMIC FREEDOM AND UNIVERSITY INDEPENDENCE. IT WOULD GIVE DESANTIS MORE POWER TO DICTATE WHO TEACHES AND WHAT IS TAUGHT. No doubt, DeSantis would put into place those who echo his ideology. This bill also bans gender studies courses. It would defund diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts at state institutions. ​ SB88 ( Shev Jones ) Task Force on Workforce Housing for Teachers and Expansion of Schools Creates a task force to study affordable housing and classroom size challenges faced by teachers. The task force would study the feasibility of using surplus state-owned land and mixed-use developments for workforce housing, and the need for comprehensive planning to address workforce housing for teachers. SB256 ( Blaise Ingoglia ) Employee Organizations Representing Public Employees Bans automatic union paycheck deductions of Florida's public employees. Many say this and other provisions of the bill would be "union busting." This would NOT include male-dominated public employees in law enforcement, firefighters, correctional officers and probation officers. Many view this bill as an attack on women due to this disparity in professions affected. The female-dominated teachers' union and nurses' union would be included in this ban. For a good review of this anti-union bill and comparison to a similar law in Wisconsin, see this . ​ SB342 ( Lori Berman )/HB 271 ( Jervonte Edmonds ) Save Our Teachers Act Increases minimum base salary for full-time teachers from $47,500 to $65,000. ​ ELECTIONS /POLITICAL PARTIES SB1248 ( Blaise Ingoglia ) Political Parties "The Ultimate Cancel Act - Cancelling the Democratic Party" What in the world?!!!! This bill proposes the state Division of Elections cancel the "filings" of a political party, to include party registration and approved status in any and all elections, if that party's platform had previously advocated for slavery or involuntary servitude. Although not explicitly listed, the Democratic Party, which was popular in the nation's South during Reconstruction, would fit the description. Economics and civil rights fueled significant changes in both parties in the years since. The bill includes language that would require any voter currently registered as a member of a canceled party to be notified by that political party to update their voter registration to an approved and active political party. Here is the FDP response: ""Presenting a bill that would disenfranchise 5 million voters is both unconstitutional and unserious. Under Ron DeSantis, Senator Ingoglia is using his office to push bills that are nothing more than publicity stunts instead of focusing on the issues that matter most to Floridians, such as reforming property insurance, addressing housing affordability, and combating climate change. The sooner DeSantis and his puppets in the legislature learn that Florida is a Democratic Republic and not a Banana Republic, the better it will be for all Floridians.” ​ HJR405 ( Chase Tramont ) Prohibition on Open Primaries and Nonpartisan Elections **This is a proposed amendment to Florida's state constitution, not a bill. But the gist of it would be to prohibit nonpartisan elections - to provide that candidates for office can disclose their party affiliation. For us, it would mean BOCC, City of Stuart, and School Board elections would be partisan. ​ HJR31 (5 REPUBLICAN SPONSORS SO FAR - SEE OFFICIAL SITE FOR NAMES) Partisan Elections for Members of District School Boards Proposes amendments to State Constitution to require members of district school boards to be elected in partisan elections. ​ HJR129 ( Rick R oth ) Requiring Broader Public Support for Constitutional Amendments or Revisions Proposes amendment to State Constitution to increase percentage of elector votes required to approve amendment to or revision of State Constitution from 60 percent to 66.67 percent, except repeal of amendment or revision need only be approved by same percentage of elector votes as was required at time of passage of such amendment or revision. GUNS SB150 ( C lay C ollins ) Guns (or, to use their term, "Public Safety") Requires sheriffs to assist private schools in complying with a certain statute; authorizes a person to carry a concealed weapon or concealed firearm if he or she is licensed to do so or meets specified requirements; requires a person who is carrying a concealed weapon or concealed firearm without a license to carry valid identification and display such identification upon demand by a law enforcement officer; provides that a person who is authorized to carry a concealed weapon or concealed firearm without a license is subject to specified penalties for possessing such weapon or firearm at a school-sponsored event or on school property; requires the Office of Safe Schools to develop a behavioral threat management operational process by a specified date; authorizing a private school to partner with a law enforcement agency or security agency for specified purposes, etc. ​ SB462 ( Lori Berman ) Assault Weapons and Large-capacity Magazines Prohibits the sale or transfer of an assault weapon or a large-capacity magazine; prohibits possession of an assault weapon or a large-capacity magazine; requires certificates of possession for assault weapons or large-capacity magazines lawfully possessed before a specified date; provides conditions for continued possession of such weapons or large-capacity magazines; provides enhanced criminal penalties for certain offenses when committed with an assault weapon or a large-capacity magazine, etc. ​ HB543 ( 14 SPONSORS!! ALL REPUBLICAN, OF COURSE!!!! ) Concealed Carry of Weapons and Firearms Without a License (Permi tless Carry) Authorizes person to carry concealed weapon or concealed firearm if he or she is licensed to do so or meets specified requirements; requires person who is carrying concealed weapon or concealed firearm without license to carry identification & display upon demand by law enforcement; prohibits person who is carrying concealed weapon or concealed firearm without license from carrying such weapon or firearm in specified locations; authorizes nonresident to carry concealed weapon or concealed firearm in this state if he or she meets same requirements as resident; provides person authorized to carry concealed weapon or concealed firearm without license is subject to specified penalties for possessing such weapon or firearm at school-sponsored event or on school property. HEALT H CARE /ABORTION SB300 ( Erin Grall ) /HB7 ( Jenna Persons-Mulicka ) Pregnancy and Parenting Support ** 6 WEEK ABORTION BAN ** Prohibits abortions after 6 weeks. Allows for rape and incest exception. Prohibits mailing of pregnancy termination medication. HB 305 ( Webster Barnaby & Dean Black ) Protection of Medical Freedom Proh ibits DOH from requiring enrollment in state's immunization registry or otherwise requiring persons to submit to immunization tracking; prohibits business & governmental entities from requiring individuals to provide proof of vaccination to gain access to, entry upon, or service from such entities; prohibits employers from refusing employment to, or discharging, disciplining, demoting, or otherwise d iscriminating against, individual on basis of vaccination or immunity status; revises purposes of Florida Civil Rights Act of 1992 to include discrimination protection for vaccination or immunity status. ​ HB1029 ( Randy Mag gard ) / SB1304 ( Colleen Burton ) Claims Against Long-term Care Facilities This bill is meant to reduce the civil lawsuits that seniors and their relatives may bring against nursing homes. Some argue such tort reform is needed to reduce excessive litigation, while others argue it would ultimately hurt seniors by lowering healthcare standards since nursing homes would not fear litigation as much. ​ HOME RULE/LOCAL ORDINANCES SB102 ( See bill - many sponsors ) / HB627 ( Cabrrera and Lopez ) Live Local Act - Rent Control and Affordable Housing Prevents the authority of local governments to adopt or maintain laws, ordinances, rules, or other measures that would have the effect of imposing controls on rents; provides an exemption from ad valorem taxation for land that meets certain criteria; authorizes local governments to adopt ordinances to provide an ad valorem tax exemption for portions of property used to provide affordable housing meeting certain requirements; suspends, for a specified period, the General Revenue Fund service charge on documentary stamp tax collections; authorizes the Governor, under the Florida Job Growth Grant Fund, to approve state or local public infrastructure projects to facilitate the development or construction of affordable housing, etc. ​ SB170 ( Jay Trumbull ) Local Ordinances (Allows businesses to sue local governments over 'arbitrary or unreasonable' ordinances, etc.) Authorizes courts to assess and award reasonable attorney fees and costs and damages in certain civil actions filed against local governments; requires a board of county commissioners to prepare or cause to be prepared a business impact estimate before the enactment of a proposed ordinance; requires a county to suspend enforcement of an ordinance that is the subject of a certain legal action if certain conditions are met, etc. ​ SB1240 ( Danny Burgess ) / HB1197 ( Randy Maggard ) Land and Water Management Prohibits counties and municipalities from adopting laws, regulations, rules or policies related to water quality or quantity, pollution control. Leaves control with the state. If passed, this would mean Martin County could not protect its own waterways and wetlands. ​ HB359 ( Wyman Duggan ) Local Government Comprehensive Plans Simply put, the bill stipulates that anyone who loses a legal challenge to a comprehensive plan or comprehensive plan amendment must pay the winner's attorney fees and costs. T his would be a boon to developers because citizens would likely never challenge such amendments due to the high costs they could incur. An even more pervasive sprawl would likely result. ​ HB 437 ( James Buchanan ) Homeowners' Right to Display Flags Authorizes homeowners to display no more than certain number of flags regardless of prohibitions in governing documents of homeowners' association; defines "first responder flag"; prohibits homeowners' association documents from precluding property owners from displaying certain number of specified flags. Note that Rainbow Flag is not listed here as being acceptable. IMMIGRATION SB6 ( Blaise In goglia ) / HB5 ( John Snyder ) Unauthorized Alien Transport Program Creates the Unauthorized Alien Transport Program within the Division of Emergency Management to facilitate the transport of inspected unauthorized aliens within the United States. This bill is meant to clean up the mess made when Desantis flew migrants from Texas to Martha's Vineyard. Snyder is our House rep from District 86. LGBTQ+ EQUALITY SB254 ( Clay Yarborough ) /HB 1421 ( Randy Fine & Ralph Massullo ) Treatments for Sex Reassignment Bans doctors from providing gender-affirming care to transgender youth, such as hormone therapy. House version requires that doctors lose their licenses if they provide such treatment to those under 18. Senate bill says this could lead to criminal charges against doctor. House bill also prevents health insurers and HMOs from providing coverage. The Senate bill gives the state temporary emergency jurisdiction over trans children if they are about to receive gender-affirming care. ​ SB 328 ( Lauren Book ) Gay and Transgender Panic Legal Defenses Prohibition Act Prohibits individuals from using a nonviolent sexual advance or specified perceptions or beliefs about another individual as a defense to a criminal offense, to excuse or justify the conduct of an individual who commits a criminal offense, or to mitigate the severity of a criminal offense, etc. HB1223 ( Adam Anderson ) /HB1069 ( Stan McClain ) /SB 1320 ( Clay Yarborough ) "Don't Say Expansion" - These bills expand on last year's Don't Say Gay Bill HB1223 bans school employees and students from addressing a person by their preferred pronoun - they have to use the pronoun given to person at birth. It also extends Parental Rights bill from 2022 so restrictions go through 8th grade. HB1069 expands book banning within classrooms and allows for easier ways to challenge books in the classroom. All challenged books, even if only one parent objects, must be removed immediately. SB1320 - similar to HB1223 HB1403 ( Joel Rudman ) / S B 1580 ( Jay Trumbull ) Protections of Medical Conscience Allows for "conscience-based objections without discrimination" -- in other words, it allows a doctor to decline to treat someone without fear of disciplinary action. Legalizes discrimination by the medical profession. ​ SB1438 ( Clay Yarborough ) /HB 1423 ( Randy Fine ) Protection of Children (aka Drag Show Prohibition) Prohibits drag queen performances in a public building or public event. Owner of establishment that allows children to enter is subject to fines and suspension of license. ​ SB1674 ( Erin Grall ) Facility Requirements Based on Sex - called "Safety in Private Spaces Act" Requires people to use bathroom or locker room that lines up with gender assigned at birth Many consider this anti-trans legislation. It would charge trans people with a misdemeanor for using the bathroom consistent with their gender identity. ​ HM1319 ( Tommy Gregory ) / SM1382 ( Jay Collins ) United States Dept of Defense Anti-woke memorial....Urges Congress to change regulations so Dept of Defense is not so "woke" - to not focus on diversity and equality and decency. Asks for a return to the warrior ethos of the past. Many see this as an attack on LGBTQ service members. Environmental Bills ​ 1001 Friends of Florida i s a non-profit organization that focuses on growth and the environment, and they do a great job of monitoring the legislature. Go here to view their list of bills being considered and their recommendations. Friends of the Evergl ades is another organization that watches environmental bills being con sidered. Go here to view their list of bills as well as a webinar held about the bills .

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