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An evening to remember:  Unity Party, May 10th
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Petition Project

 Reproductive Rights and Right to Clean Water:  If these amendents are on the ballot in 2024, they will help ensure a good turnout for Democrats.  Besides, they are good for women's health and for the environment:   a win-win!

It's  VERY IMPORTANT that all Democrats pitch in to obtain needed signatures for these petitions during 2023.  Our deadline for getting signed petitions into the hands of those who verify them is the end of December.  Let's get to work!!   See details below:

HOA Project

Having Democrats enrolled in Vote by Mail also significantly increases our odds of having a good turnout on Nov 5, 2024.   Volunteers within many of the HOAs throughout Martin County will visit neighbors to give out provide handouts on Vote by Mail, have conversations with neighbors, and offer petitions. See details below: 

Be sure to click through the slideshow below so you don't miss any announcements.

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