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Watch out!   They're back!

Legislators are back in Tallahassee and proposing their bills for the 2023 session which began March 7 and continues through May 5. 


Here is a list of some of the most concerning bills.  Click on Bills 2023 to see the details, including links to email and phone numbers for legislators as well as Letter to the Editor info.

HB999 - "Death to Public Discourse Bill"  -  allows politicians like Desantis to sue the media, bloggers, social media posters, etc.


HB1 - School vouchers for everyone.   Will hurt public schools and the education of our children.


HB411 - Candidates for school board don't have to live in the district they are running for....only if they win do they have to move


HB999 - Politicians will have power to hire university personnel and dictate curriculum...  WILL END ACADEMIC FREEDOM AND UNIVERSITY INDEPENDENCE.   Will defund diversity, equity, and inclusion programs.


HB256 - Union busting bill that will ban automatic union paycheck deductions of Florida's public employees.  Exceptions include law enforcement, firefighters, correctional officers and probation offers.  Teachers union and nurses union will be hit hard.


SB1248 - "The Ultimate Cancel Act" - Will cancel political parties that previously advocated for slavery.    This is meant to "cancel" the Democratic Party.

HJR405 - No more nonpartisan elections 

HJR31 - School board elections will be partisan

HB543 - Permitless Carry -- Can carry concealed weapon even if no permit


HB305 - Gives discrimination protection to those who refuse vaccinations....Prevents the state and employers from requiring vaccinations.

SB170 - Allows businesses to sue local governments over "arbitrary or unreasonable" ordinances

HB359 - If you bring a legal challenge over a change in a comp plan and  you lose, then you have to pay the winner's attorney fees and costs.

SB254 - Bans trans treatment to youth

HB1223 - Don't Say Gay is expanded up through 8th grade

HB1403 - Doctors can refuse to treat certain people (gays, Muslims, Jews, etc) due to their person belief system ("conscience-based objection).

SB1438 - No drag shows can be seen by children

SB1674 - Must use bathroom that lines up with the gender assigned at birth

HB11319 - No more "Woke" mentality and programs in the military....Rather, return to "warrior ethos of the past."

HB439 - Will allow for urban sprawl

HB 1197 / SB1249 - Strips municipal and county governments from regulating their own water quality


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